What is Game Day Crate?

A subscription box company that offers monthly boxes for professional level sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA.

What is a subscription box company?

A company that automatically charges you monthly, and sends you a monthly mystery box related to the theme of the company. Ours is sports. You do not need to take any action to receive your monthly box. Should you want to stop the boxes, you will need to cancel prior to your next charge.

What sports do you currently offer?

Football - NFL

What if I'm interested in a sport you don't currently offer?

Please join the waitlist for your respective sport and team. When we have enough interest, you’ll be the first to know.

What NFL teams do you currently offer?

Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Seahawks, Patriots, and Packers.

Why not more teams?

This is the Alpha launch of our product, which means we had to do some serious deliberation about this teams we could offer straight off the line. We wanted to draft all the best, but only have room for six on our starting team.

What do you include in the boxes?

The best memorabilia, apparel and novelty items we can find. All customized to your favorite team.

Can I choose what’s included?

No you cannot.

What if I want two teams?

You would need to subscribe to a box for each teams. We do not split one box between two teams.

What if I receive something I don't like?

We send a wide variety of items and they are different every month. True fans will enjoy everything included. Should you not like an item, you may need to reflect long and hard about your commitment to your team.

When will my box arrive?

By the 14th of this month. Unless it’s past the 14th. Then you will receive it by the 14th of next month.

When will I receive my box each month?

Every month your box will be delivered between the 7th and 14th of the month.

What if I want to stop receiving boxes?

Simply let us know you'd like to cancel, and we'll make it happen.

Am I stuck for a year or any sort of commitment?

Absolutely! All subscriptions last for a term of 100 years. Should you pass on prior to the end of your term, your children will inherit the debt.

All joking aside, there is absolutely no contract. You can cancel at any time with no fees or penalties.

When am I billed?

Your subscription renews on the 15th of the month.

How do I sign up?

Follow this link, and choose your sport, team and term.

Are you affiliated with the NFL, MLB, etc?

We are huge sports fans, with no official affiliation.

If I purchase a $39.99 box, will I receive $39.99 worth of merchandise?

We ensure that you will always receive more value than you pay. The bonus value varies slightly each month, but you will never receive less value than you paid.

How do I upgrade or change packages?

Once you're a member, you have a member portal you can log into. Once there, you have the option to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your membership.

Can I purchase just one box and not subscribe?

We do offer single mystery boxes. You can view these options here LINK TO ONE TIME OPTIONS.

Can I send as a gift?

Your friends and family are lucky to have you. There are two options for gifting. If you want to give someone our monthly subscription box service, you can sign up and pay either monthly. During the purchase, you will be asked for the shipping name and address. You simply fill in the recipients details, and away it goes!

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Due to the nature of shipping internationally, time frames vary greatly. There may be extra fees or taxes by your local post which we are not responsible for. We are not liable (and no refund will be issued) if an order is placed and these issues arise.

How do I change my address?

Your shipping address must be updated by the 15th to update for the current month. Changes after the 20th will take effect next month.

Simply log in to your account and click the subscription you have with us. You will see the option to change your address there.

How do I change my credit card?

You must log in to your account, then click on the subscription you have with us. You will see the option there.

What is your return/refund policy?

In the rare event that one of your items comes damaged, please contact us (mickeymonthly.com/contact) and we'll be happy to resolve your request. Validity of a damaged item will be at the discretion of support staff. Please submit a photo of the damaged item with your submission to expedite resolution. Damage to product packaging and crate boxes do not qualify for a replacement. Because of inventory changes, issues must be reported to us within 14 days of receiving your shipment. Please allow up to 14 days for your replacement to ship once confirmed by support staff.

Please note: Because our service is a mystery style subscription, we do not offer returns, refunds or credits for dissatisfaction of subscription contents.

What is your BBB (Better Business Bureau) policy?

Unfortunately, the BBB has been proven to be untrustworthy, and we no longer responed to BBB complaints. If you have any comments, concerns or compliments, you can direct them to us at mickeymonthly.com/contact. We will reply to these requests manually and not through 3rd party website like the BBB.

To learn more for yourself about our mistrust of the BBB, you can view ABC's special report here: BBB.

I received more boxes than expected. What do I do?

If you ordered more boxes than you need, or forgot to cancel your membership and received a box you didn't want, here is the process.

Please contact us (support@gamedaycrate.com) and let us know what the situation is. We will need you to ship us the extra box(es) with all contents inside and in their original condition. Return shipping costs are the buyers responsibility. Once we receive the box(es) back, we will refund the full cost of the unneeded box(es) to your original payment method.

Do you send out boxes for review?

Absolutely! We send out a limited number every month. To be selected, we recommend having a decent following, and/or be in a sports related niche. Fill out the following form and we'll be in contact with you. Review Box Form. (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3B83SXS) sample form

By receiving a free product, you give Game Day Crate permission to use any video, audio, images or commentary containing the free product without restriction, through print, projection, internet web site, video, and/or any other potential media market, in part or in whole.